It's a bright and shiny morning...

And I feel dull and rusted... I'm not quite sure what is up at the moment but the last two days I have woken up feeling like I hadn't slept at all. I've been playing this game when the alarm goes off - how long is it possible to stay in bed before I have to get up and get ready for training/work without being late. For some reason it seems to be easier to lie in bed for another half an hour and then rush to get ready than to get up on my alarm and get ready leisurely. I'm on the serious caffeine diet today - I had a red bull with my toast for breakfast and I'm already onto my coke. We have a cafe at work too, so it may just be worthwhile to get a midmorning mocha - the last time I felt this crappy was when I was doing 60-hour weeks at my old job. I am wondering whether my restless sleep is due to underlying issues I'm not confronting - uni starts next week and the nervousness of dating again but I'm really not sure. It might be time to spend some time in meditation tonight, letting the stream of consciousness take me where it will and seeing whether I can resolve my sleep issues.
Also need to see if I can reschedule my meet-and-greet date with Spidey this evening for earlier on... I'm yawning now, heck knows what I'll be like at eight. I also have work at Job #2 tomorrow morning - exchanged shifts so that I can go to a birthday dinner tomorrow night - so that's a definite 7am get out of bed on Saturday. Cannot wait until I lose the scheduled shifts from that job... think it's definitely not helping with my mental state.

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