Week starting 31st August

So how did I go from last week?
  • Finish both assignments by 4pm Monday afternoon - Done! I'd actually finished both assignments in time to even make it to all my classes on Monday.

  • Chill the frick out about where this thing with Mr. Wrigley is going - Done. I think chilling out has made me gain some perspective on the situation, actually. As much as he is cute and funny in person, some of his characteristics remind me of things that I did not love about my exes. Are they deal breakers? I'm not sure yet.

  • Do a good solid effort at getting the house tidy before Friday - FAIL. I haven't even managed to get my room sorted out... I don't yet cover the definition of living in squalor but I find it hard to relax when everything is so out of order. This week has been pretty insane in terms of work, uni, etc but I don't have that excuse next week so this resolution will be rebooted!

  • Finish writing up my 6-month objectives and hand them in to my boss for her to sign off - Done and before anyone else at work... way to impress the boss!

  • Contact St John's and investigate course times for Sept/Nov - Done and booked in for next Monday and Tues through New Zealand Red Cross. I'll get great skills and heaps more in my paycheck for next week - the course is 16 hours in which I would not usually work.
Goals for the week ahead:
  • Do a good solid effort at getting the house tidy before Friday - no excuses this time Scribbles... you guys will have to give me a virtual spanking if this doesn't happen.

  • Get at least 12 more squares of the blanket for FarmBub done. This was a project that I started before everything started going on with mum and I need to finish it off. FarmGirl doesn't know exactly what it is, but knows it's a work in progress and is very understanding.

  • Get to the gym three times next week - no uni, no pressing assignments, no excuses. I need to start whipping this ass back into shape.

  • Start in on assignments - just because there's no uni doesn't mean it's a holiday. It's an opportunity to get ahead on what I need to do. At least have outlines completed by the end of next week.

  • File that paperwork - this is part of the tidying effort but possibly even more vital. I have piles of paperwork that pertain to all sorts of different things (financial, academic, etc etc) and that's part of the massive amount of clutter. I also have ring binders for all this stuff... just sitting there. If I get onto this then I can shift my computer up into my bedroom - as part of the "making mum comfortable during her illness" drive we got mum a laptop and bought a wireless router, thus not restricting my connectivity to the lounge. Quite frankly I think I'd like the peace and quiet, ditto the privacy.

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