Awww.... so cute but so not ready for one of my own!

After a mad morning of baking I went out to see FarmGirl and FarmBaby for lunch (FarmBoy was also there, but things are a little awkward with him because he's really good mates with Ex-S and being a male he feels like he has to pick sides LOL). FarmBaby is sooooooo cute, but at less then three weeks old is SO much work. It makes me even more sure in my own mind that having kids is something that I'm not ready for yet.
A bit of a reveal, and maybe TMI (esp. if you are one of my largely unspoken male readers)...
At the end of last year, at the same time that Ex-S and I broke up, I had what is classified as a missed miscarriage - basically I didn't know that I was pregnant until I wasn't anymore. I saw a counsellor to help me through it as well as all the other turmoil in my life and I'm truly in a place where I'm at peace with it. I have polycystic ovaries, so it's a blessing to know that I could get pregnant at all; but also that little soul just wandered away to come back at a far better time, when I'm ready and have the love of a good strong solid man in my life. Like that good old refrain from the Spice Girls "I need a man, not a boy who thinks he can!"... I look forward to sometime in the future meeting that soul and bringing it up in a peaceful, loving family. Until then, I'm glad to enjoy my freedom!

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