Saturday of lurve....

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No boy love, I wish LOL...
Finally got underway with that assignment - I've gone a little outside the scope of what was asked for, style-wise a little more like a business case study than a literature essay but I really think that this is what the assignment calls for, in order to address all the points that they require. Once I altered the layout of what I wanted to do to suit me, it just started flowing. I'd probably pin myself at about half way through so I'm soooooo happy!
I've borrowed my mum's jeans to wear out tonight - I threw away my fat jeans and we're both a size 14 in pants, with the pants seeming to fit the both of us although we're completely different shapes (she's an apple, I'm an hourglass) . Anyway, these jeans are AMAZING. Ironically called "Not your daughter's jeans" they have totally flattened out my love handles - I am seriously in love with them! I also love the tag inside that reads "For real women with real curves"... what disappoints me about most jeans are that those that fit my butt are loose around the waist and vice versa. It makes me feel negative about myself, when having curves shouldn't. I'm not as toned as I'd like to be, but even if I was there would still be a huge difference between my waist and hips. So I get to go out tonight looking and feeling amazing while rocking the jeans look - how awesome is that?
Also loving the beautiful bouquet of flowers I managed to find for mum at a local school gala for a piddly $7, my hardy ankle boots, catching up with old friends, walks in brisk and overcast weather (really blows the cobwebs out!), planning holidays away (in the line up so far, Miranda, Whitianga, Christchurch and Sydney within the next year!), going to the fire station tonight (feel like a little kid!) and online friends. That means you!!!!

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  1. Awwwww, good for you, darling! :) I know how you feel - I constantly live in dresses and skirts, as I often find jeans a bit nightmare-ish! I'm also an hourglass shape (I'm a size 12), but it seems that a lot of denim companies don't create jeans with our body shapes in mind!