I got home last night in a bit of a funky mood... events for that evening hadn't gone as planned, my plans for today had gone awry, I was tired, I had hayfever (damn you perennial rye grass) and I was lonely and bored. There's a few complexities of life I had weighing on my mind and was in a real "Why me?!?" state of mind. I'd calmed down enough to go to sleep, but my subconscious had other ideas.
Whenever I'm uptight my subconscious likes to make these long and extremely vivid dreams in which all the things that are on my mind play themselves out in abstract ways in order to come to some sort of conclusion... I always wake up completely exhausted the following morning but with my heart a lot lighter. Still... there's got to be an easier way, isn't there people?
Just watched Blade Runner as part of a university assignment... after reading Dick's book "Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep?" I can't really see too many similarities... many movies should prefix their "Based on a novel by..." with "Loosely" - perhaps then I wouldn't expect so much LOL.

Give Today: Bought my father a jar of homemade marmalade this morning at the fundraising garage sale I went to, told the girl at the garage sale to keep the change *Double Give - yay me!*

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