Pets and Peeves

Pet: The cafe that I went to for lunch today and the gorgeous people who entertained me and listened to me moan for an hour.
Peeve: The overwhelming "tireds" I am feeling today making me a bit nauseous and not that hungry. The carrot cake muffin I had was delicious, but I would have like to have tried one of their meals
Pet: The gorgeous sunset I can view out the windows at work.
Peeve: That I am at work, I am usually okay with this but am so tired (see above) and all I want to be doing is lying in bed sleeping right now.
Pet: Getting emails that I've been waiting for.
Peeve: Not being able to do anything with those emails because the websites that I need to action are blocked on the work computer.
Aside: Why block universally anyway? As long as I meet deadlines and do everything I am asked, what is the issue? My position is one in which a large percentage of my job is just being on site, rather than active work. Ah well, at least they haven't banned Blogger and Twitter yet.
Pet: Lunch out with a friend tomorrow, a couple of errands paying off things I have purchased and going to a show tomorrow night with free tickets.
Peeve: Having spent money on plane tickets to Christchurch for end of Jan and on trying to finish off my Christmas shopping, I am SO poor. Not on the bones of my ass or anything, but my bank accounts look considerably less healthy. Going to have to tighten my belt over Dec, when I only have part-time income and no student living costs.
Pet: Going to Christchurch at the end of Jan - my cousin and friend down there are already in the process of planning a fantabulous weekend for me. If you are a reader from ChCh and you'd like to meet up, let me know - that would be wonderful.
Peeve: Crud, I just had a thought - my car registration might be expired. *Runs outside work to take a look. Crud, it is!* I have been driving around for almost a week with an invalid rego. Add to list of things to do tomorrow.
Pet: Being asked to take a dance class if it works in with my uni and normal work shifts next year - heck yes! How fun!
Peeve: Uni not being over yet - still have one exam on Sunday but it is so long since we had classes that it is really hard to get into the studying habit.
Pet: All you wonderful people who read and comment on my blog - it makes me feel extra special gooey loved!
Peeve: Not being able to get Google Analytics running on this site (I am a techno-spaz) - I want to know about you shy guys out there that don't comment as well!

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  1. Christchurch in January - what fun! Lucky girl! We spent Christmas there last year and it was really lovely.