Pointless Depression

I just have to share with you guys how silly I am when it comes to that silly old thing called "Money". Being at home I've been able to save a lot of money over the last six months and stop living such a hand-to-mouth existence. I've been happy about the way that my bank accounts/credit card/general financial existence looks healthier and it's allowed me to make exciting plans for the future (January holiday to Christchurch, July holiday to Sydney) as well as cover my irregular expenses - I have a separate account I put money aside in for this, and it covers things like car registration, WOFs and general larger item purchases.
A week ago, I had to fork out some money for car registration (which I'd saved money for, and needed urgently as it had expired already -oooops), some presents (which I had saved money for and were on sale at an insanely cheap price and also needed to be purchased before Christmas) and tickets to Christchurch for January holiday (which I had saved for and were on an insane discount, almost 20% off regular cheapest price). I had plenty of money earmarked for all of this, plus my weekly spending and it was lovely to just be able to make all the necessary payments without having to do a lot of mental mathematics to make sure I'd be able to survive.
That was until I opened up my online banking a couple of days later to make an electronic transfer. My heart just dropped. Where had all my money gone? The hysterical thing is that most of it was still right there. I was all depressed because my account balances were lower than they had been, even though I was only spending money on things I had already earmarked it for. I'm not living on the bones of my butt but it just made me feel so poor. Regardless of how much money I earn in future, I don't think I'm ever going to feel any different about this.
Do any of my readers have this problem? This pointless depression at watching numbers go down even when it is for things you have already planned? Or am I a miserly nutcase?


  1. Aww, honey - I can sort of relate, after I paid off my holiday I was sooooooooooo excited, but at the same time, I was a little bummed looking at my savings account and realising I would have to start from square one again - silly, huh?! It's okay - the experiences will more than make up for it lovely, so don't stress too much! xx

  2. I totally get where you are coming from! I always try to have savings for the little extras and annual expenses and it can be so depressing to watch your bank balance go from WHOA, to OH in a matter of seconds. At the moment I have a credit card to pay off but I have savings tucked away for that and then I plan not to use it for sometime because I want to get my savings back up there!

    It looks like you are very sensible with your money though and I am sure you will enjoy your holidays and won't even think about the $$$!