Saturday afternoon of Lurve... Nov 8 edition

  • Girls nights out - there's just something nice about chatting with your girls that doesn't seem to happen when guys are around. It's not that chatting with guys isn't equally as awesome, it's just different and nice.
  • On that note, having and exercising the right to vote! Woke up this morning a little worse for wear but strapped on my walking shoes and wandered down to the local school to vote. I'm not going to go into who I voted for and why (I've had enough of those conversations to last me the next three years!) but I feel blessed that here in NZ we have the right to fair and unprejudiced elections and that women have had the right to vote for 115 years!
  • The new shop at one of my favourite malls, T2! More on this spectacular shop later!
  • Costume parties... and being able to whip a fabulous costume up out of what I already have.
  • Going to the beach and playing with doggies... speaking of which, gotta jet! Have a fabulous Saturday guys!


  1. Wow I had no idea that NZ women have had the vote for so long! It's so awesome to hear :D I do hope election can bring everyone in NZ a better future.

    And I love T2! Although I get so overwhelmed when I'm in that store - I just want to buy everything :D

  2. Yup that's progressive little NZ for you! Although that's the first time I've ever seen a T2 shop, so we're definitely not so progressive retail wise :D

  3. Hi there :) Just found you through your comment on my blog - so nice to (virtually) meet you, it sounds like we have a lot in common! I gave up a high-pressure career to go back to study too. And I see you're training to be an English Literature and Drama teacher? That's fantastic!

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by - I'll be back. :)

    Andrea xx

  4. Hi Scribbles,
    first time commenter here, found your blog through galadarling's blog and really like what you are doing! Sounds like you have had a fabulous weekend and so glad you NZ'ers get to enjoy T2, we love it here in Aus. Everytime I make a pilgirmage to Melbourne (from Tassie)I make a special visit to the stores there...if you like black tea, the girly grey is perfect and so is the earl grey!
    Best of luck with everything!