Stream of Consciousness as I leave work on a Tuesday night...

Man, why did I park so far away... duh, because there were cars closer when you arrived.
*singing away eighties song acapella*
Hmmm maybe I shouldn't leave the car engine running while I lock the gate considering the break-in in the area yesterday
LOL who cares... if they stole my car, it would be them that got the bum end of the deal
*hop back in car singing eighties song again*
Hee hee, me hitting that note sounded just like a dog howling
Ah crap, I just stalled the car because I was distracted with the laughing
Mmmm... fish and chips... so my favourite takeaway... no wonder I have a fat ass.
Why is that asswipe parked so far over? Do I have room to squeeze past him to the petrol pump?
It appears that I do.
Long line... oh look, Kings of Leon CD
*deal with petrol station attendant*
Damn this car is taking a long time to fill up...
where is the scrubby windscreen brush? Man, I've been gipped... no windscreen brush for Scribbles :(
Better turn the radio on before I pee myself laughing at my "diva singing attempt"
No one could ever seriously call me "Shorty" - I am a giant...
Like Andre the Giant, from Princess Bride...
pretty sure that wasn't his name in the movie.
All I can remember is "My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!"
Sigh, I am such a child of the eighties.
Whatever happened to bike shorts? In the general populace I mean, not in the cycling afficianado sort of way.
Okay dickhead, stay in your own lane buddy. (Yes, I have a dirty cussing brain - I try very hard to filter what comes out of my mouth though)
*some quick mental calculation of where my money is disappearing to this pay check - it should be in my account when I get home*
Man I'm thirsty... what do I want? Do I need to turn left and head to the supermarket rather than right and head home? Nah, I want juice, and there's plenty of that at home.
Oooh look at that, I'm speeding. Better slow down a bit.
My street... I could drive it with my eyes shut and that would probably scare everyone because it's quite windy.
Man, I suck at parallel parking. Eck, bite me.
Hello cat!

An insight into my frazzled brain at close to eleven at night. Hope you enjoyed!

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