You are living someone else's dreams...

Have you ever noticed, my girl readers, the curly vs. straight hair desires? Every morning my curly haired cohorts will be sitting there patiently straightening out their hair with their GHDs or their TCIs while the straight hair sisters will be doing everything they can to inspire their hair to a bit of bouncy volume. One of my most vivid memories of my first flat was sitting in the lounge with GinjaNinja, getting ready to go out on the town. I'm pulling the ceramic irons through my hair to get that sleek straight look at the same time as she's madly curling her hair with the tongs and hairspraying in the hope that she'll be able to make this creation last the entire evening. Regardless of what we have, we seem inspired to go against the grain (or the follicle as it may be) and live the hair we don't have.

I promise I have a point, this entry isn't as shallow as it sounds...

We often fall into the mistake of thinking that our life isn't what we wanted or expected. I know for myself that I always had this thought in the back of my head that I'd be married by 25 (heck knows where I pulled that number out of) and clearly, I'm running out of time for that to happen LOL. It's more important to me to find the right man - I'm one of those old-fashioned girls who believes that marriage should last a lifetime - but it doesn't stop me eyeing up my gaga-in-love girlfriends and wishing that I could have the same type of relationship in my life that they do. In a way, it seems like they are living out my unfulfilled dreams.

I'd never even thought about the fact that it could flow another way. I had lunch with Smiles yesterday (strawberry pancakes - yes I am a pancake fiend, that is why I am ten foot wide - and a piccolo of bubbly) and we were catching up on what we'd been doing recently. I told her about a few floppish dates I'd been on and her somewhat unexpected response was "Oh, but that's such a good thing... don't settle down! You want to have fun!" Say what? Coming from the girl who has the five-year long relationship, the mortgage payments with her man and is just waiting (and prob not that much longer) for the ring? As the conversation continued, I had a "A-ha!" moment *thanks Oprah*... for Smiles, I am living her unfulfilled dream! She's never had the late teens, early twenties single experience and so she's living vicariously through little old moi! It's not that she doesn't want to be with her man, but when she hears about me going to fashion shows and taking off on solo holidays and being bought drinks by random men I bring something to her life that's a little bit different (I'm her only close single friend). She's a little bit jealous of what I have, in the same way that I'm a little bit jealous of her. We don't want each other's lives in the way that we want each other's hair, but sharing our tales with each other gives that window into the life we "could have" had.

Any friendships of yours that you think share this same dynamic?

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