Book Giveaway! "The Republic of Love" by Carol Shields

Another book from me to you! The plot is another romantic one, but explores love in a much more philosophical manner. Fay McLeod and Tom Avery are "nice people": kind to their parents, groups of close friends, well-built secondary characters of the novel; dedicated to their professions (she's a folklorist, he's a graveyard shift radio talk show host). Like me (another nice person, I hope) they're both unlucky in love. Fay is the quintessential serial monogamist; Tom has been married and divorced three times. They're sick of being third wheels in a world full of perfectly matched bicycles. They finally meet, and it is love at first sight for both, but Fay is leaving immediately for a month of mermaid research in Europe. On her return, we find the path of true love never did run smooth. Is there a happily ever after? You'll have to enter the competition to win the book :)
  • Comment in the comments of this entry, telling me whether you've ever had love at first sight, to be in the draw to win the book
  • You do not have to be in NZ to be eligible - I will post this book to anywhere, even if it has to be sent to you via Somalian Pirate ships.
  • Winner, provided there is more than one entry, will be drawn via random number generator on Christmas Day - what a lovely present!

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  1. My story doesn't necessarily involve love at first sight, but it was definitely love after our first date.

    I met my husband while we were both working random jobs at a retail store. I remember when he came in for an interview, I thought he was cute in a "he looks like a philosophy PhD student type of way" but I assumed he had a girlfriend. Girls,in my experience, always seem to like philosophy types. Anyway, one day we were chatting in a group in the lunch room and he said something that made me pause and look at him differently and pay more attention. Then we flirted (he didn't have a GF), he asked me for coffee, and we had an amazing first date. When I came home that night, I cheesily told my mom that I had just been on a date with the man I was going to marry. And then 2 years later, I married him.

  2. Yes, I have had love at first sight. In fact, after the first date with my husband, I went home and told Mother I was marrying him. He just didn't know it yet. AND I did about 15 mos later.

    Do enter me into the book giveaway.

  3. it was a random trip to new york.
    i was standing outside of his store looking in and saw him.
    he took me out the next night and moved me across country a few weeks later to be with him.
    we spent everyday together for 9 months until i was done.

    to quote miss fiona apple:
    "from the first to the last times
    the signs said stop
    but we went all whole-hearted
    it ended bad, but i love what we started".

    no regrets.

  4. Folklorist? What a cool-sounding job. Even just the word.

    No, I have never been in love...someday!