It was PW's birthday on Wednesday and I had fixed in my head that I was going to make her a scarf. I was then sick for most of last week and didn't get the wool to knit the scarf. Monday morning I woke up and thought, shoot! The party is on Wednesday! Saner people would have just rethought the present, but no, not Scribbles.

So here is the photographic essay of how to knit a scarf in 48 hours... use your ape like toes to hold the wool... knit until 2 am in the morning and take a photo of your achievements... even knit at work... and you will have a finished product just in time.


  1. Oh, you crafty little thing, you! What a sweet gift!

  2. You knit that whole thing with your toes? Im impressed! Haha :P

  3. Yup... all with my toes Em! :P LOL Although if you look at my prehensile ape toes, it wouldn't be impossible :D