This was the beautiful sunset, as seen from the beach on Friday night. We were staying just across the road from this *sighs with nostalgia*. It was amazing that it was only half eight and the beach was deserted (we stayed a little further on from the main strip) - it was my own little patch of paradise.

The good - Swimming in an incredibly warm ocean, not getting too sunburnt, fish and chips in Tairua that were the perfect sized serving (go the kiddie meal!), stargazing both nights that I was there, tips from my new bikini waxer about the hot spots in town that proved correct, feijoa vodka cruisers (I have a feijoa obsession), complements on my skirt in the bathroom of the bar (a long black and red gypsy skirt) and being out of AKL for a wee while.

The funny - the bartender who kept coming to collect our bottles and yelled "Chug, chug, chug" for me to finish (it was very cute), a girl walking out of her loo cubicle without doing up her fly because the girl next in line was screaming she was going to pee herself, being hit on by a fifty-year old walrus (well no, he was a man but you get the picture), jumping on beds, PCock being peed on by a stray cat and hogging the fake boat at the children's playground.

The not-so-sparkling - Getting stung by some weird sea creature at the beach (I had an allergic reaction the diameter of an orange on my inner thigh - weird!), stargazing both nights alone(feeling a bit like a third wheel at times), a really average spare ribs meal (that should have been fantastic for how much it cost), driving back through to Tairua slightly hungover (but I managed to keep breakfast down) and having to leave to come back to AKL and real life.

Overall holiday rating - about a 7 and a half... I really did need the breathing space from real life, and it was nice to do it in such a gorgeous area. PCock and I are already planning a couple of other little get-aways over summer... make the most out of what little NZ has to offer :D

P.S. - funniest moment upon arriving home: when I told mum that I'd been hit on by a walrus, she asked whether he'd used the line that he was looking for his "bukkit" - someone got her mummy addicted to LolCats :D


  1. Aw, I love Tairua! We were near there for our honeymoon. :)

  2. Ah, it looks SO beautiful! Glad to hear you had a good time :)