Literary Inspirations - Emily Dickinson on Crazy...

A little madness in the Spring is wholesome even for the King - Emily Dickinson.

Some would argue that Emily Dickinson knows her crazy! Spending most of her adulthood in seclusion, it was not known how prolific a writer she was until her death in 1886. Her works vary from most others written at the time; her unique use of punctuation and lineation make any Emily Dickinson poem almost instantly recognisable. She was also not bound by the standard iambic pentameter styling of the time, instead preferring to structure her lines as to convey the emotion of the line she wished to deliver.

Too often we care so much about what our friends, family and peers think of us. When they say "You're crazy!" you should be able to say "And...?". A little bit of crazy does you good... it blows out the cobwebs of our normal lives and allows us to experience life in unexpected ways. Provided it doesn't hurt anyone, why not let loose your inhibitions and take a walk on the wild side in '09?