Saturday morning of love!!!

I know, what happened to my afternoon of love? I have no afternoon to give you this weekend, my Scribblettes, I am SO busy. I am taking a friend to lunch for her birthday, rushing home to prepare entrees for a Christmas party I am attending and then I have to dash to my cousin N's 21st birthday party after I've made an appearance and had dinner at the Christmas event. So as much as I will be loving you all and loving life, I will have no time to tell you that!

So what am I loving this week?

  • Typos that look like new words: I wrote un-skink-able instead of unsinkable this week and that lead me on a whole thought spiral about what it mean to be un-skink-able... and whether it could be a rascist or derogatory term for or against lizard creatures... for that matter, I also love
  • Random thought spirals - quite a common occurance in the Scribbles Snr household. We'll be talking about one subject, everyone will go quiet and then someone will pipe up with something seemingly unrelated. This is allowed, as long as you can provide your thought trail from where you last trailed off. Also fun to do when you're talking with friends and end up on a completely different topic than when you started.
  • Almost finished Christmas Shopping - just need to pick up the present for Cowgirl and Flyboy and I won't do that until next week.
  • Dinner at Lonestar for my Dad's birthday - we happened to discuss in front of the waitress that it was my Dad's birthday and they put a candle in his dessert and gave him a free t-shirt. Now that's customer service!
  • Lollymaking for goody bags (Christmas party tonight) with Ms.Rock on Thursday... I'm not meant to eat most of them (neither's Ms.Rock, but she's naughtier than me!) because they have milk... but I had a wee nibble - HAVE to sample the finished product :D Does it make it any better that it was condensed milk? It just seemed like a real effort to have to whip up vegan condensed milk, it didn't look very easy. And grinding up lactase tablets and spiking the lollies seemed unfair to the people who still have digestive enzymes LOL. Added a bit too much green food colouring and the coconut ice looks a little radioactive!
  • My boss being super-understanding about the fact that my uni schedule for the Fall/Autumn Semester next year impacts on two of the four nights I should be working. She's going to find cover for those two nights, for that semester. Having Wednesday and Thursday off might actually allow me to commit to another couple of things that I've had to give a miss or a half-arsed effort so far - Thursday evening dance class teaching tweens and smallgroup, here I come!


  1. Can i come over? Yum! They look great. Ooh i love making up new words too :P So funny.

  2. Those goody bags look wonderful!!

    And it must feel good to have your Xmas shopping nearly finished, I haven't even started yet and am beginning to get a little bit worried...

  3. Now Scribbles. The first rule of baking is that there is never a time that one can use too muh food colouring...the more intense the better!!

  4. What a fantastic boss! And, lordy, but all that stuff looks delicious!

  5. Wow. Looks amazing...

    I popped over from Ummm... Now What, the post about babies, cos I saw that you had PCOS too (and if that's not a reason to read someone's blog, I don't know what is... That makes me sound creepy, but I promise I'm not!)
    And then I discovered we're both from NZ (which is very unusual in blogland, I've found).

    So I thought I'd say hi.

    Anyway, I'm loving your blog so far :)