iCiNG Transformation Challenge

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Gala Darling is running her iCiNG transformation challenge again this year and I feel a really strong urge to participate. I feel like I'm not living my life as the fabulous person I have the potential to be and it is time that I do something about it. Therefore, my transformation challenge is:

Stop bitchin', start doing!

Pretty broad I know, but I'm breaking it down into the following categories:
♥ Body - I'm pretty unhappy about the extra jelly that I'm carrying right now. I'm about 15kgs away (or maybe more) from where I want to be yet what am I doing about it? Nothing. For the next four weeks I will consistently be choosing the healthy options but moreover, I will exercise in some manner for at least half an hour each day - be it dancing, walking or finally making it back to the gym. Stop bitchin' about how fat I am and start doing something about it.
♥ Love Life - I'm dating online, but continually disappointed at how flat it seems to fall in real life. I'm considering that maybe I spend too long on the 'online' part and then get pissed off when my return on time invested doesn't seem to happen. Therefore, any potentials I meet within the next month will be fast-tracked to face-to-face meet if they show any potential, thus reducing the devastation factor. I'm also, to be honest, sick of being single so if I happen to meet any hot guys in passing, I'M going to make the first move. Stop bitchin' about being alone and unloved and start doing something about it.
♥ Faith - This may not make sense to you if you are not spiritual at all but sometimes at the moment, God seems so far away. I keep expecting sudden inspiration and presence of faith but at the same time I refuse to believe in a pre-destination in which everything will turn out for the best despite my lack of understanding. I need to get down to business - in Christian speak this means lots of prayer and reading the bible - search for the answers if they aren't directly coming to you. Stop bitchin' about how I can't hear God and start doing something about it.

I may add to these categories over the month to come and I'll definitely keep you updated about how well I do. Leave me a comment if you are doing the iCiNG transformation challenge too!


  1. whao i like this!

  2. "Stop bitchin', start doing!" I love it kid! I am on the page page as you it seems. I am SURE you will find love this year. I can just feel it!

  3. I'm doing the challenge, too! Good luck this month, you really have an awesome set of goals laid out.. you're going to do amazing!

  4. I have the same faith issues so I will think about a transformation is that area too. I just have so many questions! By the way I really like your site your doing a great job.

  5. I'm with you in making the first move with the guys. I wonder, where did the guys that made the first move went?

    I like your motto Scribbles, it goes straight to the point!

    We can do it!

  6. Good luck with everything. I am working on the body too!

  7. Excellent philosophy!

    Online dating is brutal. Perfect on Paper is oh-so-rarely equal to Perfect in Reality.