Saturday Afternoon of Love - First of '09!

Wow, first Saturday of '09! Fantastic. Today I'm loving:

The beautiful country I live in - often it takes comments through others' eyes... we don't really appreciate the good fortune that is living in NZ. Lady Smaggle's blogpost on her New Zealand Loves got me thinking about how lucky I am

Love - hanging out with my cousin Cowgirl and her boyfriend Flyboy. Two years down the track they are still head over heels for each other and I think that's fantastic. I don't want a relationship unless I can have one like that... why settle for anything less? Ems and Reece are also my relationship idols :D

Building stronger friendships with new friends - as well as some of my net friends, I've drawn closer to some of the newer friends in my "real" life as some of the older friends grow more distant. I'm a firm believer in the ebb and flow of friendships... while there are some people you stay close to forever (kindred spirits!), others take the fore in your life when you have a need for what they can provide (and vice versa) and move into more of a general circle of friends when you no longer have that mutual need.

New dresses! - I picked up two sweet party dresses earlier this week for just NZ$75 - they are both gorgeous and I am so happy that I splurged on myself :D

52 Resolutions Card Deck - I have spent the entire afternoon coming up with 52 smaller "resolutions" (thanks Andrea!) or experiences and writing them on playing cards. By the time the year is seen out, I will have achieved all of them and hopefully told you some entertaining stories about the process along the way. One each week people!

Girls Night Tonight! - Gothica is back from Aussie for a limited time only so we're taking the opportunity to have some crazy girlie time together, getting all the old gang in one place. No doubt some scandalous behaviour will ensue.

Right, must dash and blow-dry/straighten my hair... gotta look gorgeous for my girls. Hope your first few days of 09 have been rocking - tell me what you love so far!


  1. Awwwwwwwww! U are the sweetest thing :D

  2. I spent the day sorting my pics from my South Island jaunt last week, and then caught up with a good friend over coffee and wines at the good ole Gypsy Bar. Perfect way to welcome the New Year....... xxx

  3. What a beautiful post! I love your photographs here and I have a new love for NZ too - it produces some of the cutest mod boys ever.

  4. I love love LOVE your card deck idea. Copying is a form of flattery, right?
    I have struggled to think of a resolution that I'm happy with, and like the idea of doing it on a weekly, rather than yearly basis.

    Also love NZ. Me and Mr Button spent a week travelling round the central South Island in a campervan between Xmas and New Years, and I can't wait to post all my beautiful pics!