Sunday Afternoon Reads: "On the Jellicoe Road" by Melina Marchetta

Hi! *waves* I'm Bambola of Girl With the Big Brown Eyes. Scribbles has left you with me for today's Sunday Afternoon Read.

Our friend Amanda was nice enough to lend me a book called "On the Jellicoe Road" by Melina Marchetta. (You may recognise the author's name - she also wrote "Looking for Alibrandi", required reading for any Australian.)

"On the Jellicoe Road" is a captivating story of Taylor, a girl left abandoned by her mother on the Jellicoe Road 18 years prior. Saved and raised by Hannah, her only constant, she has always lived at the Jellicoe School. Haunted by dreams clear enough to feel real, but not enough to be memories, Taylor is full of questions.

When Hannah disappears the only clue she has is a story about the five kids who lived in the same area. Left to deal with her demons and dreams, Taylor also has to defend her house in the territory wars, between the Jellicoe, the Cadets and the Townies. Then there's the history she has with the Cadets leader, albeit not one she's willing to share with her friends and peers.

This was such a fantastic story. The perfect combination of mystery, mayhem, love and heartache. Written from Taylor's point of view and in such a way you can identify with her. While the situation she's in is not a common one, you feel like you know exactly how she feels. Emotive language and the power in the words create a realm far beyond your own imagination, but so easily accessible as you lose yourself in the text.

The story of the five at Jellicoe Road is slowly revealed through out the book. At first it is a separate story, with no link to Taylor. You don't even realise Taylor is reading it. As the story progresses, she begins to mention the five in conversation and you realise it's a story she's reading. Piece by piece you realise it isn't a story at all...

I slept less so I could read more. I strongly suggest adding this to your library to read again and again.

Bambola x


  1. It was definitely an amazing book. I think I need to own a copy! <3

  2. Ahh, I LOVE Melina Marchetta's books. I haven't gotten to read this one yet, sadly and inexcusably!

    If you liked Looking for Alibrandi you must try her second novel, Saving Francesca. It's one of my favorite books.