What's in my bag?

Like any future teacher, I have started carrying round a massive handbag large enough to carry small dogs in (and I've actually carried a small dog in there as well as the rest of the contents). The bag itself is a champagne-coloured Volcom tote that I bought myself for Christmas and the contents are as follows...
1 x sequinned beanie - had to keep the hair from frizzing when heading out on Saturday night... darn rain :D
1 x novelty napkins - "Some call it cocktail hour..." - found these in a dollar shop the other day and I just know I'll have some occasion to use them soon.
1 x cellphone - gotta stay connected
1 x ziploc bag of glittery confetti :D
1 x wallet - with very little cash LOL I'm a poor student!
1 x Kikki.K day planner - I am hardly ever without it!
1 x sunglasses - found by my sister on a beach, they're my chuck in my bag just in case ones.
1 x carry-on acceptable manicure kit - includes the world's cutest mini eyelash curler
1 x sparkly purple make-up bag - a Christmas pressie from Miss Corrine... that's full of little bits and pieces that could almost make another blog post... but I won't ;)
And my camera is almost always in there too... only it couldn't be in the shot and taking it at the same time LOL

So are you surprised? Is this what you thought? Is there anything you think I should pop in there that I haven't got? Apart from the small dog, I'm working on it :D What's in your handbag?


  1. Woah! You have LOADS in your bag... Although, if I did mine (esp today) I think we'd be on par!

    I LOVE the support group napkins! & the bag itself is fantastic :)

    Bambola x

  2. The support group napkins are brilliant!

    My bag contents are:

    + cell phone
    + moleskine notebook (while I buy my diary)
    + black BA pen
    + hot pink lip gloss
    + Fake Ray Ban sunglasses
    + blue wallet

    Not much, but I don't like to carry a lot of stuff XD.

    I also loved the sequined beanie.

  3. I'm planning on making a post of a similar nature sometime soon, now that my camera is working.

    Love those napkins!

  4. never know when you might need some confetti :D That's awesome!

  5. I love the Miss Corrine bag.

    In my bag...hmm...standard: a book, a pencil, phone, cuticle cream, chapstick, pressed powder, keys, wallet.