A bit of a bitzer...

Several different things floating round in my head today, so it's time for another one of my mongrel articles!

♥ It's Waitangi Day in New Zealand. Supposedly our national holiday - like July 4th for Americans, July 14th for the French - it appears that it's not a Waitangi day without someone attacking our politicians as they walk onto the lower marae at the treaty grounds. Yes, the Europeans came over and totally dicked the maoris in terms of taking sovereignty over the land (as they have done almost everywhere in the world) but governments for as long as I've been alive have been working to make reparations in apology - what more do you want? And at the risk of sounding blase about the whole thing - it was over 150 years ago, let it go a bit mate.

♥ I seem to have given myself a neck injury while suffering from food poisoning in this past week. It clearly hasn't been a stellar week in Scribbles world, at least health wise. Today I'm grateful for a family that pulled together to ensure I was up enough to go out to this hen's night last night. Dad gave me a shoulder rub, Mum put together a party mix of her painkillers (I'm fully aware of how bad that sounds, but I was in that much pain) to take and I just sat there as Middle Sister did my hair and make up and made me look a little less like a scruffy zombie. Living at home sure does have some benefits sometimes.

♥ Two of my friends are getting married tomorrow... and I'm not entirely sure that it has sunk in. I was friends with both of them separately, prior to them being together and now three years down the track from that fateful new years eve they're getting married. I'm so happy for them but in the same moment I'm feeling a little sad - and not sure why. I think it's that with them getting married, I know I'm definitely superfluous to their relationship and that they'll be closer with each other than either of them ever have been or will be with me. It's the nature of the world, I know, and some day it will be me... looking back across the married divide at my single friends knowing that there are things that they will never understand until they are in my shoes.

♥ For those kiwis who are playing along at home, "Guess the identity of Scribbles" will become astonishingly easy (lol it's not like I've been trying that hard to hide it). Mum's article about her fight with inflammatory breast cancer will be in the Woman's Weekly later this month and they want a family photo. The idea is to take it tomorrow at the wedding when we're all glammed up but I'm not sure I want to stand out from the rest of them in a bridesmaid dress. Guess you'll have to buy the issue to see what solution I come up with :D

That's enough of my mutterings for today I think... see you Sunday afternoon for another fab read.

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  1. much of what you have scribbled happened to me back in december.
    brings back some real memories!