Saturday Afternoon of Love... Valentine's Edition.

I must preface this with a mum update - her infection has come back AGAIN - and she is in hospital. I am definitely not loving this. Her IB cancer is less annoying than this damn standard infection that won't go away

What am I loving this week?
♥ My fantastic Valentine's Day present to myself - bought at a third of the original retail price and I am in love. If a girl doesn't have a man to buy diamond-eyed lovebirds for her, she'll just have to do it herself.♥ On that note, I've decided to love being single on Valentine's Day rather than have an awful coupled up one. I'm big on the romance factor and so knowing for sure that I have to rely on myself for that, rather than hoping someone else remembers... makes life easier.
♥ My boss... when I walked into the office and said that mum had been admitted to hospital, with the same thing and I'd ring her at lunch to find out more details my boss told me to take a break and ring her then and there. I don't know why I expect the worst out of people sometimes, I guess it just shows I've had some really crappy bosses in the past.
♥ Smirnoff RTDs in a can - the last thing you need around a whole bunch of drunk people is glass. It's nice to know that if things got out of hand, people would only be using aluminium cans to try and bash each other up. Far less damage.
♥ Walking home from a party in the early hours of the morning... the world is silent, the stars are shining and everything seems at peace.
♥ Dinner tonight with friends - it should be lovely. Plus, Lone Star does delicious food.
♥ The rain and the cold... bizarre, no? After the intensely hot and humid week that we've had in little Aotearoa (that's New Zealand for those of you not versed in Maori/Te Reo), it's nice for the rain to come in liquid form rather than vapour and humidity and fifteen degrees is quite a pleasure. Sitting at the comp in a jumper for the first time in I don't know how long.

A rather eclectic mixture this week, tell me what you kittens are loving this week?


  1. good on ya babe! I would spoil myself too, but have done too many times this week. lol
    this is my first single valentines day in 6yrs. so a girlfriend and i went to see 'he's just not that into you' in the gold class theatre. perfect v-day celebration!! hehe.

    i am also loving this cooler weather, it's so nice for a change! first time i've had to wear a jumper since before Xmas!

    have fun at Lonestar tonight - they are always a good spot to eat at.

    and I hope your gets better soon, best wishes x

  2. First time commenter but long time lurker, and what do I have to say, not much really as it turns out but just wanted to tell you:
    lonestar - yummy! I am loving your positve attitude and
    Hope your mum is better soon.

  3. Sorry to hear about your mom. I hope the infection clears up soon.

    I love that you bought yourself a little treat for Valentine's Day. I also love the you mind sharing where you bought it?

    Hope dinner was wonderful and the conversation was sparkling!

  4. i had a date with three gfs and it was great to be around them than a guy who would just do what he usually does.. ahh so bornin...
    great to be single ryte now!

  5. That necklace is gorgeous!!!

    It sounds like a very eventful week & I hope your mum is going alright....

    My week's not been quite so busy, but it's been perfect.

  6. Oh my gosh, I am SO adoring your necklace, I'm a long-time fan of lovebirds :D Im so sorry to hear your mum isn't doing too well. Big squeezes to you both.

  7. I LOVE that you bought yourself such a beautiful necklace, that is 100% awesome.

    Big hugs and support to your Mum, I hope she's feeling better soon xoxo