In the blink of an eye...

When trying to come up with something clever, witty or pop-cultural reference for today I was drawing a complete blank... My brain is clearly in need of a defrag, loading a boy into my system has got my virtual memory running too low. My apologies. Things seem to be going well on that front for those of you that are playing along at home. I haven't been able to see him for a week so I'm really really really looking forward to seeing him tonight.

The thing that's been crossing my mind lately is the death of Natasha Richardson, actress and wife of Liam Neeson, at the age of 45. And it's not for the reason you might think. Ever since Mama Scribbles got cancer, everyone goes "Oh that's so hard! How do you cope? Morbiddy morbiddy blah blah". The answer is you just do cope - when you're there, it's not like you have a choice to do otherwise. Driving to the hospital one day (oh probably about the second time mum got admitted because of that darn infection), I saw an accident on the other side of the motorway that was most likely fatal. All that could cross my mind was that my mum was in hospital, with cancer and an infection, but at least she was safe. These people hopped in their car, heading to a destination and had no reason whatsoever to believe that they wouldn't arrive.

When my grandma passed of cancer, we only had a short time to say goodbye (six weeks from diagnosis to her passing) but we made each moment count. Mum and I have big long talks some days because I know and she knows that there's a possibility of her not being round five years from now. Natasha Richardson's family? They had no time... no time to say how much you are loved, no time to say how much you changed a life, no time to share your words of wisdom, advice and dreams.

So on that deep and dark note, my Scribblettes, seek out those people who mean the most to you and tell them now, not later, what they need to know. They may not have cancer, they may in perfect health... but one day, it may be too late.


  1. This post brought a tear to my eye. In light of both of our recent situations boy-wise, it's far easier to move away & decide not to care, because that way you don't get hurt.

    But living life that way, means you don't experience. You don't laugh as much. You don't cry as much. The bad stuff hurts, but the good stuff is ever so worth it.

    Next time I see him. I'll tell him.

  2. A very moving post, babe. I can see what you're saying. You just don't know what is around the corner for you in life. I think it's great you & your mum are so open and talk about everything. It's wonderful!

    I'm reasonably new to your blog so am not fully up on the boy situation - I didn't realise he was a new one, but am very happy for you! Enjoy!

  3. yep. *sigh* life, huh?

    you really know how to put it to paper, miss.

    i think thats what really struck me about natasha richardson's death - it was so sudden, it was an event that didnt even immediately warrant concern... it's a difficult concept to grasp, that one moment someone is so alive.. and in the events of a moment, they can be gone, forever.

  4. Ohhh, you have a boy? At the start of the year my boyfriend lost a very close friend very suddenly - he came to work to tell me and i thought he was joking because it just didn't seem like he could just die like that. And it is one of those things where you just have to cope with it, whether you cope well or not. It definitely did bring home that people can leave your life at the click of a button and that you need to appreciate every small moment with them.

  5. Too true. Never, EVER miss the oppertunity to tell the people you love just how much you love them. You may never get a second chance. So sad...