Just another manic Monday...

Actually, my Monday isn't too manic. I have uni then work and somewhere in between I have to polish off my reading log to hand in tomorrow but there's very little stress involved in that... the marking for the reading log is complete/incomplete and it either is or it isn't LOL. It will be. I had a wonderful weekend... hanging out with the boy on Friday night, we decided to go to the movies. It wasn't for a while so we thought we'd snuggle on the couch and watch TV, not realising it was a double episode... epic fail! We ended up just getting burgers and watching movies at home and it was lovely and comfortable and I wished I could stay (and so did he) but I had stuff to organise for the road trip the next day.

A group of us were heading down to a bach in Waihi Beach for some fun in the sun before it disappears for the next six months (okay, that's an exaggeration, I live in NZ not Antarctica) and it was a bit too soon in the scheme of things to bring down the boy so I was travelling down with Curvette. It was good to have someone to chat to on the ride down and we ended up breaking the trip in both Ngatea (so Curvette could buy some booze, it's actually cheaper out of Auckland) and Waihi (lunch and a little bit of an explore). Waihi township, not to be confused with Waihi Beach Village, has a really rich goldmining history which leaves you with some crazy gorgeous ruins like the one below...

That's an old pumphouse... if you spin around from the vantage point where I took this picture, you can look right into the modern-day gold mine that operates there. Talk about some serious vertigo... nothing like a massive hole in the ground to make you feel like an ant.

Anyway, as Curvette and I were geeking it up we were getting texts as to why we weren't at the bach yet so we packed it in for the twenty minute drive the rest of the way. Had a nice time hanging out with friends and for some reason, this was the weekend that Ex-S actually decided that it was alright to be mature enough to talk to me. Whether he felt enough time had gone by, he heard me talking about the new boy or he just decided to be a man and grow up, I'll never know. I can't say we'll ever be friends, but it's nice that he can be civil - makes the whole thing a tonne less awkward. Had some drama going on with Gothika in Aussie that had me a little concerned all evening but was still able to relax and have a great time... even if I kinda wished the boy was there to have a little snuggle with. Thank goodness for cell phones and surreptitious text messages.

Had a lazy start to Sunday with bacon (and eggs for those who eat them) done on the BBQ... munched on the bacon sammie, drove to the village for coffee (mmm, soy mocha) with my fellow addicts and then lazed on the deck while those who could get their ears wet went for a morning swim. Drove back to AKL with Curvette, stopping to have a look at a house that one of the couples has a conditional offer on (because we're nosey and we roll like that) and then went out last night to catch a movie (and a cuddle) with the boy. Awwww... cuteface. Is it wrong that two weeks after meeting him, I can already be missing him?


  1. Not wrong at all!! && you know it too.

    Sounds like a perfect weekend. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder right? =)

    xx So glad to read that you're happy & smiling.

    Bambola x

  2. oooh sounds like an absolute gem of a weekend, with a spoonful of everything!!

    I'm glad you had fun on the road trip! Waihi is always lovely.

    And no it's not wrong to be missing him - I think it's cute! Good on you! And yes... I'm secretly envious.. hehe. Does he have any single friends? ;) lol.

    Enjoy babe!

  3. I'm very much a home body and would take snuggling on the couch with the t.v and burgers any day over going out :) Yay for Waihi, hope its still warm for you, the cold is certainly biting down south!