Being in "luff"...

PianoMan and I were chatting, as we usually do, about life, the universe and everything. The subject of love came up and how neither of us believe in love at first sight. We both believe in true and lasting love and think that that isnt something that can just come out of nothing - that it grows and builds as your relationship strengthens.
We also know that we liked each other right off the bat - from the emails we first exchanged on Facebook and the night that I watched DVDs, I knew this guy was special. From my sexy top on our first date and the wine I chose on our second, he had an inkling I was wonderful too. Our feelings are growing for each other all the time and I can definitely see myself falling deeply in love with him... but it's only been one and a half months. I feel more for him than just like but I don't want to rush into saying "love" until I'm sure - so what does that leave?
Luff! It's what we came up with :D Luff is pretty close to love but ... not quite. Luff is that yummy in-between stage where you are still getting to know each other and their quirks. Luff is when you are still starry-eyed - Love is when you see the person for who they truly are and love them anyway. Some relationships never make it past the Luff, others have only a short Luff time before that melds into love. For me, I wouldn't be in a relationship with someone that I didn't Luff; with PianoMan I hope that Love is the next step.
Are you in Luff? In Love? Do you think that the Luff stage exists or that me and PM are just crazy philosophers (that's a totally valid comment too!). Let me know in the comments!


  1. That's perfect!! There should DEFINITELY be the Luff stage.

    We however, skipped that & moved straight to the Love stage. But I think we're ok here :)

    I struggled to find the words to tell him besides "I really, really, like you" (lame!). English doesn't have a middle ground. Italian has "Ti voglio bene" which translates as I love you - but it's what you use with friends, not lovers... For lovers they have ti amo.

    Maybe we're still in the Luff stage... but we just can't pronounce it right... :) x

  2. It's about time somebody came up with a word for this stage. Socrates had nothing on you two!
    I remember it well...
    I am well and truly in love with my hubby of two years, and it grows more and more everyday... no matter how many times I have to pick up his dirty boxers and wash his freshly-shaven whiskers out of my sink!

  3. I am in love - he insists he loved me from the beginning, and I think maybe I did, it just took me awhile to realise. We had been friends for two years online before we met, so we already knew a lot about each other. It was the meeting that made it more than just friends :)

  4. If you can talk together about being in luff, I definetly think love is your next step =]

  5. Luff is such a great stage. When we were there, I used 'love'. He did not. I cried.

    But we got over it (well and truly). Nearly 5 years later, we are definitely in love!!