Cognitive overload... implosion imminent!

One of the few things I learnt in the introductory weeks of my teaching diploma was about cognitive overload - with children and informative teaching, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing! The downside of learning about this is that I now have a new word to describe how I am feeling at the end of my first week of practicum!

One wonders why after a week mainly sitting on my bum, watching teachers interact with their classes, I am soooooooo tired. Like continually rubbing my eyes while typing this blog post tired. Like my body feels completely heavy tired - it's not even a mental tiredness, it's a physical body ache. It is my body screaming out for rest, if not sleep, like a junkie looking for another fix. I'm happy that the boy has a boys' night tonight so I don't feel bad for spending an evening staring into blank space.

I'm not alone; loads of my colleagues are feeling the same way - the teachers at my practice school are all exhausted as well. We're all at the point of absolute overload... and eying those Easter holidays. It's funny, when you're young you know that these holidays have a religious aspects but you are all about the chocolate... when you're older, you know these holidays have a religious aspect but you're really excited about the break.

Any of my Scribblettes also suffering from tiredness, achey body syndrome or absolute cognitive overload?


  1. I am completley exhausted today too! This week I have been busy working on my first assignments for the semester, one is due monday and I am completely freaking out about it. I am more than half-way there with it though so I shouldn't be too stressed...however it is a proposal, which I have never written before so I am doubting whether the structure and format are correct. The other issue is that today I spoke to my supervisor about it to just try to iron out a few question and it just become so much more complicated because he likes to go off on his little tangents about his interests and all these complex theories so now I feel like I am back at square one! I was planning on going out tomorrow night but now I just think I will have to make an "appearance" because I am afraid I will need all sunday to continue my work. Agh! And as for easter break, it doesn't really affect me because I will only miss one day of classes and I will have an essay to write anyway! Oh gosh! Sorry to unload, but slightly overwhelmed!

  2. I am just coming out of an overwhelming period like this so I completely empathize. Tiredness, achey body syndrome, cognitive overload... yep, that's about where I've been for the past 2 weeks between work and recovery from surgery. *Hugs* it always gets better!