An extra-little tidbit...

... just so you think I don't fly through life as gently as a cloud.

I'm at work today on a Sunday (which I loathe). I woke up this morning and didn't get a chance to lie in (even though I finished work at quarter past midnight this morning). I left my purse at PianoMan's and had to look guiltily at the offerings basket as it went by. The couple whose little boy I had brought a birthday present for had to leave church early and I was racing round trying to find someone who was going to the party this afternoon (which I can't go to because I'm working...).I had to cross fingers toes and eyeballs that I would get back to PianoMan's to pick up my wallet without running out of petrol. I have about 40 minutes at home before having to leave for work in which I start feeling really tired. I get to work and the day is busy - phonecalls, people arriving in the office. One of the people is an old man that reeks of whisky and tries to cop a feel while telling me I must be lonely - cornering me on the opposite side of the room from the panic buttons. I manage to fob him off and then proceed to break up a party because their hire time is over. I get to break up another party in two and a half hours and in the intermediate time I have to lug out multiple items of heavy furniture to redecorate the foyer... alone. Home to do the assignment that is continually stuck in my craw and then sleep.
There may have to be a stop for flavoured soy milk and dark chocolate on the way home... that plus texts from the boy may keep this day a sparkly one.


  1. Yuck! Bad days are, well, awful. I hope yours gets much better!