Happy Birthday! A tribute to a wonderwoman!

Some people make the world better just for being in it... and your big heart makes my world better, in the gray times, in the good times...

Some people aren't always appreciated for the unique and marvellous people that they have become but know that I appreciate you - though you are oceans away I know you care.

You bring joy and laughter to those around you - colour and sparkle, love and light. I smile at the Web 2.0 way that you have become such a close friend.

Though you may sometimes feel that you are behind a cloud, hopefully this tribute helps you realise what an absolute princess among women you are.

Happy Birthday my Em-tastic treasure!


  1. Aw, how adorable!!! =)

    Happy Birthday Em-Face

  2. Aw, how utterly fabulous of you!

    Happy Birthday Em!

  3. OH HONEY! You are the sweetest thing ever!!!!! <3<3 Thank you so much for making my day! That last picture, btw- awesome! Love ya bundles!

  4. What a lovely tribute! Cuteness all round!