Back in some semblance...

My general view of the world Monday morning. I had a cough over the weekend but PianoMan was far sicker than I was and I just wrote it off... until I tried to work on my assignment Sunday afternoon. In the words of Scooby-Doo - "ruh-roh!"

Not a huge amount of memories of Monday... PianoMan returned the favour and hauled my decrepit carcass to the GP. Bless his little (also ill) cotton socks, he returned me to the car and got my prescription filled, bought my groceries and was generally a superhuman. He's soooo a keeper - especially when he still wants to kiss me after my description of my cat-like vomiting (you know how they get all shaky and convulsive... LOL TMI!). Diagnosis is virus + chest infection with the added bonus of cold-related asthma. Yes, asthma... which I may have had when I was about nine... what is it with me getting childhood illnesses this year?

Anyway, this has put a significant dent in my life. I've had to get extensions for two of my assignments, cancel the planning meetings I had with the teachers at my practice school this week, take leave from work and miss an entire week of university. I've missed almost a week's worth of blog posting - thanks guys, for sticking around anyway - and PianoMan and I had to cancel our plans to celebrate two months of being in each others' lives... no fancy restaurants for us, just keeping warm on the couch. We did have a good time anyway - eating a fantastic "pity meal" made for us by PMs mum and exchanging gifts - comedy tickets for him, feijoa cake for her (Lord knows, I love me some feijoa).

I'll be making every effort to get back on track with everything - including this blog - in the next week or so. Hope that you Scribblettes are in good health - keep up the fluids!

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  1. aww you poor chickens! I hope you're both starting to feel better/if not cured now :)
    I've had a light flu all week. But have woken up with a seriously scratchy throat and a cough this morning - last time EVER that I get the damn flu shot!!

    Yummm feijoa cake! I've never tried that... I must, it sounds delish!