Laugh my ass off... or a girl can dream :D

Off tonight to watch a comedy show - I bought the tickets and gave them to PianoMan as a little celebratory gift last week. The weather here is absolutely miserable and I'm flicking between looking glam and being warm... it's a hard decision :D I think I'm going for the layered look - it'll be a little too cold for heading to and from the car but I have the ability to shed layers in the theatre. It's so hard to get it right these days... and my only super warm coat I have is at PianoMan's house... not entirely with the program yet. It can get really annoying being bihousal.

First day back at school was fantastic but I'm wondering how I'm going to manage getting all my planning in order, complete the assignment still outstanding and also sleep this week. Lots of planning and less frivolous net time... but I love my frivolous net time. You'll have to excuse me if my posts are a little short and sweet this week... some time is needed to get my life back in order. Anyone else feeling guilty for their online time this week? Let me know in the comments.


  1. I am going to have to be online less this next week or as I have heaps of work to do! But I need the net for my projects, I just have to be more diligent with how and why I am using it!
    My biggest cut back this week is going to have to be my social life, and I have already declared this coming weekend and alcohol free weekend so I don't waste another sunday!!! Next weekend is another story as I am going to a concert!!!

  2. Good luck with the catch-up!

  3. I ALWAYS feel guilty about the about of time I spend on the net compared with other, much more productive things I could be doing...but I still do it!