Quiet Day...

Usually Friday updates don't come until later in the day as I have a morning class... today, I am not there. Yesterday and today I have had a scratchy throat and I can quite frankly do without the glares from fellow classmates that think I have the swine flu.

The furore over the swine flu is bugging me. In one of my previous incarnations I worked as a medical receptionist and learnt quite a lot about infectious diseases. You want a freaky scary disease - try malaria... try yellow fever... try rabies, for goodness sake. Yes, people are dying of swine flu but people also die of ordinary flu all the time. The very young, the very old and the infirm are always the first to go... it sounds harsh but it's true.

On the bright side of the coin, which is the side I wish to dwell on, PianoMan and I have booked our flights and accomodation for our Christchurch holiday - we're so excited. It would have been great to go to Sydney but we wouldn't want to shorten our holiday to work in with his work's current leave conditions. We're going to be typical tourists - we plan on going on the Christchurch Gondola, a tram tour, punting on the Avon River and the boy is really keen to go to Akaroa (as am I, I felt like I didn't get to enjoy it as much as summer with the perishing heat). It feels exciting to be planning our first couple holiday - I know it's early but I can't think of anyone I'd rather go on holiday with.

Better go and rest and keep my fluids up... may you stay cold and flu free my Scribblettes.


  1. Re swine flu...I feel exactly the same way. I am SO over all the media attention!
    I keep telling people the same things you mentioned, and they kind of look let down when they realise it's not such a big deal after all.

  2. aww you poor thing - are you feeling any better?
    I had my flu shot last week, so I best not get any sniffles!!

    I know what you're saying about swine flu, god I'm so over it! A friend of mine in the medical industry told me that more people died from normal flu last year than this swine flu - yet that's not big news!! I think it's only big news because it's a new strain of flu, not because it's special :) poor piggies!!

    Oh awesome! PM has managed to get time off to go too?! So happy for you babe!
    I'm such a slacker - haven't been to Chch (well once, when i was 2 - doesn't count! LOL). You'll have an awesome time being a young, gooey eye couple on holiday! (slight jealousy here... :) ) hehe