Girly Blogger Meet-Up!

As some of you will know already, PianoMan and I are heading to Christchurch for our midyear holiday. Due to PM's work being tight on allowing annual leave - he's only been there since Feb, and under NZ labour laws is accruing leave but not specifically entitled to it - he's flying back to Auckland on the 5th, with me following a couple of days later.
So what is a lass to do when she is in a far-away city all by her lonesome? Call on some fellow lady bloggers to dine with her, that's what! On Monday 6th of July, Andrea, Bridey and myself will be heading out to dine - most likely at Eathai in Christchurch City. I feel so lucky to be getting the company of two such gorgeous and lovely literary ladies and want to extend the invite to any of my readers that may live in Christchurch (or know of any other awesome girlie bloggers that should attend.
Are you in? Let me know in the comments :D


  1. A pity I don't live in Chch...
    Would be fun to meet !

  2. Awesome idea!! If I was in Chch I'd say count me in!

    Enjoy ladies :D

  3. I read this and thought you meant the 6th of june so I wouldn't be able, but I think I might be able to manage the 6th of July and and I loves me some Thai food!!