Resuming your regularly scheduled programme...

With practicum out of the way, I'm hoping that things can get back to normal. It's a common blogger challenge, walking that fine line in between sharing about your life and actually living it. Living it this past weekend involved bed until noon and curling up on the couch watching movies but that's all an important part of life and touching base with PianoMan after a week apart.
On the other hand, it's important to me to maintain my online presence - this blog provides me with an outlet to share about both my life and my literary knowledge and I've made great friends through this community. I'm so much more calm and comfortable having a place where I can share without judgement - that opportunity not often available in real life.
In the end it's all about balance and that's what I need to look at. Do you like the regular features or would it be more preferable to just have my "life stories"? As much is a blog is a reflection of the reader, it should also reflect the needs and requirements of the audience. Feed back to me in the comments!

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  1. Ooh, I can definitely relate! It can be quite the challenge juggling the proverbial balls of life, blogging, study and work, but you, my dear, seem to manage it better than anyone else. I'm constantly in awe with the consistency and quality of your posts, and think you're an absolute little superstar to tackle it all, and so well!