Building Good Foundations

I'm in the enviable position of finding myself with the best part of a week with no study and very few work commitments... what to do with this time?

  • Exercise - the weekend weather has been totally crap and really limits the amount of time you can spend out and about soaking up some Vitamin D while getting fit. Today, stunning blue skies. Walking is always more fun when you have someone to talk with so I'm hauling mum out to pound the pavement with me, trying to build a habit for the semester ahead. I tend to let fitness go down the tubes when assignments are due so it's good to get this sorted now.
  • Reading - I have a lot of reading to do for my courses next term and I am lucky enough to be aware of some of it already. This afternoon will find me curled up in my favourite armchair, vanilla chai in hand, reading my way through some of what I consider Shakespeare's more challenging works.
  • Research - Along with reading, the courses will require further research into related subject information. With ample time and ability to print resources, why wouldn't I get a head start on this?
  • Gift Purchasing - I have several milestone events coming up - big birthdays, engagement parties, baby showers. I really hate battling shopping crowds on the weekend so I will use some of my time this week looking for those perfect gifts to make those people smile.
  • Catching up - I'm currently in the process of making arrangements to have lunch with people various days of the week. When combined with the walking, this gives me enough time out of the house to make the time I spend in the house more productive.

I'm hoping that all of these combined will create a good foundation for moving forward next semester. A mighty house is built on strong foundations so let's hope it goes well! How are you laying foundations, Scribblettes?


  1. I'm the same way about exercise; have to make a really solid habit of it or I'll totally let it go when I get busy.

  2. It's so great to hear how organised you are and putting your time to good use! I wish I could say the same thing about myself but sadly, my organising prowess has been lost somewhere between here and there! I have only started looking into private health insurance today and I need to have it organised by wednesday when I am off my parents and I only really worked out the shape of my 2nd chapter of my thesis on saturday and I am meant to email my draft to my supervisor today! Oppss, its half done so I think he will be recieving that a day late! however, with this week being the first week of semester I am hoping that I can change my ways in the next few day and be back on track! I am totally with you on the exercising and doing it with someone else!

  3. Sounds very organized and responsible. I always mean to do those things but then end up just veging out on the couch during my holidays watching dvds haha.

  4. I have been trying to get into a routine with posting, exercising and doing schoolwork (although I am not back at university until next week.)

    It's hard when I would rather play computer games all day or spend hours clicking through Stumbleupon...