20 + 10 for 2010

Coming to the end of the year, I find a lot of my time is spent looking back over the year and looking forward to the future, wondering will happen... here's my list of 20 goals and 10 hopes for the year 2010.

  1. Get a teaching job - hopefully this will happen before 2010, but if not, it is my hope that I will be able to pick up a permanent role during the year.
  2. Take a yoga class - my work place (that I am leaving just before Christmas *scared face*) offers one for a decent price so I really don't have an excuse
  3. Get fit - we are getting a Nintendo Wii soon and once we have a place that we know we are staying in next year we will be getting a treadmill - no excuse of crappy NZ weather.
  4. Go on an overseas holiday - at the moment, it looks like New Caledonia for the win. SB is not fond of flying so we're taking it in baby steps.
  5. Be more zen/foster patience - I know this is a huge character failing in myself and something I definitely need to improve on.
  6. Do little, often - this year, I have often been guilty of coming in and dumping notes in areas and having these massive cleaning binges in the holidays. Next year, when we are settled, I need to develop a better system. Everything has a place and everything is in it's place
  7. Buy a filing cabinet - see 6 above.
  8. Develop more pride in myself - multiple reasons have led me in the past to think that I am not very good looking and this has reflected itself in my neglect to put myself together in a spectacular way. This stops now - I have a slammin' wash and wear hairstyle, now I just need to sparkle up my face and make sure I put together gorgeous outfits. Style mavens, I'm looking at you.
  9. Be creative - so many of the handmade projects on the web inspire me. 2010 is going to be the year that I start creating them on my own.
  10. Give consciously - think about the best solution for an issue and work towards that. Start in my own community and group of friends and move outwards
  11. Bake more - one thing both SB and I love from our childhood years was how there was always something yummy of mum's baking around. I need to get into the habit now of creating these delicious treats (and then SB doesn't need to take so many processed snacks to work!)
  12. In the same vein, I need to learn how to decorate cakes better. Have this brilliant idea for a Bachelorette party cake and NO idea how to execute it.
  13. Take more photos - for some reason I didn't take as many photos this winter - I love having a photo record of the fun times I have and the beauty I see around me... loads of memories for when I'm gray and old LOL.
  14. Leading on from 13 above, create some scrapbooks! There's not much use in having all my memories stored digitally - they need to be out, tangible and beautiful for people to see.
  15. Buy a sewing machine - it doesn't need to be a flash one, I'm just a beginner. Looking forward to perhaps trying to construct skirts that flatter my oddly shaped figure.
  16. Make more meaningful connections with people... this is a hard one to describe in detail. I feel like I know lots of people but only know a select few... I want to get to know people better, find out what drives them, excites them, makes them tick.
  17. Post more frequently to Scribbles - I've let life get away on me somewhat in the past year, so aiming for at least two posts a week in 2010 - that makes 104 little doses of me, which I'm sure you can tolerate :)
  18. Throw more dinner parties! There's nothing I love more than getting a group of friends together for a delicious meal. The dinner party we had this year was superb (even if it was a make-your-own burrito bar) and I want loads more repeats please!
  19. Start writing fiction like I have always planned to do... I'm not going to set a goal of even trying to get published next year but I need to start working towards it as a future goal. Because of study and because of the needs of my future profession, NaNoWriMo is never going to be an option for me but that doesn't mean I should not write.
  20. Write more letters - this is a bit of a selfish one... I like writing letters because I LOVE receiving them. Far better than boring bills.

  1. That my mum responds well to whatever chemotherapy she ends up with
  2. That SB and I continue to grow in our relationship together
  3. Well, it's not exactly a secret that I want to spend the rest of my life with the boy, so a little sparkly would be the icing on the cake (mmmm maybe this should be 2b - only if SB feels like extending himself LOL)
  4. That the bachelorette party I am planning at the moment turns into a kickass night that the bride remembers forever
  5. That the bogan-themed party that SB and I are planning for our birthdays (a week apart) is a success
  6. That as packed as my February & March calendar is next year, I take the time to breathe, enjoy the moment and love every minute of the time I spend with my love and my friends.
  7. That SB and I have a great time on our mid-year tropical sojourn and it is everything I hope it will be.
  8. That I can look back on 2010 and be proud of all I have achieved.
  9. That my creative spark gets fired up and I have a lot more interesting blog posts to write on the Scribbles site yet :D
  10. That 2010 sees more and more of my friends achieving their own goals and seeing their hopes fulfilled, whatever that may be.
LOL now that I look back on this, it looks an awful lot like a meme. So fill it out Scribblettes, either in the comments or linking me to your URL on your blog. I would love to know what you have planned for 20 + 10 for 2010!