Word of the Month: March

It's a little way further into March than I had hoped, but this word has been on my mind all month so far. This is a month where SB and I have a lot going on and it's easy to get bogged down in all the busy and the minutae rather than focus on the reasons why we are so busy. Ergo, my word of the month is:
Why are we so busy? March holds my birthday, my parents' anniversary, our own anniversary, J & C's wedding, a friend's birthday and our housewarming/birthday celebration. Those are all occasions of joy and we need to acknowledge that we are blessed enough to have people to share all these occasions.
Celebrate doesn't just mean attending events, however. Celebrating is also a state of mind. Too often my mind turns to the negatives of my circumstances without celebrating the positives. March is a month of mentally celebrating that although I only have half a glass, it is definitely half full rather than half empty.
Do you have a word for this month?


  1. Learning.

    Chris and I are still learning about each other. I'm still learning about me. I'm still learning how to be a better person. I'm still learning how strong I can be. I'm still learning there's more to everything than what I can see.

    It's tough sometimes, but it's good.

    <3 xx Keep celebrating darling

  2. patience.

    im living on my own again and trying not to drown in boredom due to a lack of job. plus, i miss my boyfriend and have to waaait till the 1st of april and its killing me!

  3. oh god, thanks SO much for your last comment! its easy to forget that you're not the only one in a career pickle sometimes. (pickle is an awesome word, dont u think?)id hire you as a teacher! hang in there, its going to happen...one day...