First day...

Let me just say that I feel completely brain dead so advance apologies if none of this makes sense... LOL.

Today was my first day at new school (referred to as NS from here on out). I had four classes today and still have one class of mine that I am yet to meet. Two classes seem to be fairly easy, two classes I feel I'll have to train. I feel pretty fried at the moment but hopefully it won't be a regular basis type thing... had a lot to get my head around today. Lots of new names!

What struck me today is the difference in attitudes that people have to newbies. The majority of staff - so helpful. Unfortunately my computer wasn't ready this morning and all rolls at the school are done electronically. I had to seek out someone who could print off paper rolls and had a succession of people just point me in a vague direction. I was so grateful to the last person in the chain who actually took me almost by the hand to a person who could fix my issue. On the complete other end of the spectrum, it made me laugh when I shocked people with how prepared I was today - I may be a probie teacher, but I'm also a compulsive planner. There was no way I was going to walk in less than prepared.

The staff member who inducted me advised me to keep a notepad beside the bed so that I could get all those pesky ideas out of my head and get to sleep. I don't see that being an issue tonight... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  1. how exciting! and nerve racking too!
    i dont understand how people who aren't planners survive...