I think I've missed the point...

If you follow me on Twitter, you will have gathered that I was ordered by the doctor on Monday night to spend two days off school resting my poor congested lungs in order to get well. It was not a "You should rest but...", it was a "You need to rest because right now you sound like you have started smoking again".

So doctors orders in hand, I scheduled a reliever to cover my classes, I spent Monday night organising work for my classes and hit the hay early. Only to wake up on Tuesday morning to phonecalls saying that they hadn't received the emails for my class. Sent again, no dice. Had to drive the work in to school, couldn't see the resource person anyway, spent about a half hour trying to get things sorted for my classes. Drove home and collapsed, no energy to go feed the parents' cats. Settled in on the couch warm and watching telly - hello power outage. Waited for SB to get home (the power company being as useful as tits on a bull) and with no sign of the power coming back on, packed a bag to stay at the parents... you know, where there are helpful things like working heaters. Ready to leave, power comes back on. Drive-by feeding of the cats then home and bed.

Restful? Not exactly.

Today I woke up, took my antibiotic and went back to sleep. Got up and felt quite a bit better than the day before (not to be confused with actually being well). Had breakfast, got dinner out to defrost and put the first load of washing on. Went out and picked up cat food and bribes for one of my classes at school, went to my parents and fed the cats, home again and a huge amount of laundry (pre-holiday catch-up), blogging and then cooking dinner.

Restful? Fail.
More restful than teaching, sure, but probably not what the doctor ordered.

I seem physically incapable of doing nothing. Anyone else have this issue?

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  1. NO. Well at least, not anymore! And I have repeatedly told you that you do more than ANYONE else that I know, and it's true - even when you're sick you're working away!

    I hope you feel better soon!