11 goals for 2011

Finally (and the people rejoice...)

When re-assessing my goals for 2010 I found that the ones that I achieved were generally my more specific goals. Bearing that in mind, here are my goals for 2011.

1. Lose 22 of the 31 kgs I have left to lose - ideally I would lose the entire amount but I want this task to be achievable and this allows for some setbacks or off-weeks.

2. Get out of debt (apart from student loans) - I'm hoping for this to happen in the first quarter of next year but we'll see how we go with my new pay transitioning over.

3. Organise a monthly social event with all my girls - I'm thinking a wine club?

4. Exercise at least three times a week - I hope that it's more than that but this also accounts for those weeks when I am very busy. If I find that it is too easy, I'll up the ante :D

5. Have monthly filing/organisational binges - I'd like to pretend that I could keep up with this on a daily basis but that's simply not true. Doing this at the end of each month ensures that things don't get too crazy.

6. Take the stairs whenever possible - okay, this one isn't strictly measurable but it is important that I stop looking for the easy way out when it comes to incidental exercise.

7. Dry-brush before every shower - the benefits seem to be out there on the interwebs and this post from Gala Darling the other day reminded me of it. I have issues with my lymphatic system so I'm hoping that this helps.

8. Moisturise daily- I really need to take care of my skin this year if I'm hoping it will shrink with me!

9. Read 52 books this year - already at 2/52 but rereading Anna Karenina so this will take me some time :D

10. Spend less than $60 per clothing item this year (except bras and dresses for extremely special occasions, ie. weddings) - this will be a hard one to stick to, but until I reach my goal weight I need to accept that the clothes I purchase will be somewhat impermanent. The reason that bras are an exception? It's impossible to find cheap
large bras in NZ that don't look "nana".

11. Make more - think before purchasing whether this is something I could make/bake/fake at home!

Any big goals for you, Scribblettes?


  1. Oh, wow! That wine club sounds like an amazing idea!

    Fantastic goals. I don't have any specific resolutions other than the fact that I want to a) network and meet as many excellent new people as possible this year; b) write more, more and MORE! c) travel as much as possible; and d) have more fun, all the time. Standard goals! ;D

  2. Good achievable goals you have there :)
    I especially wish you luck with the weight loss thing as I have felt really encouraged following your tweets on that one!
    My goals are really fluid and abstract this year: Find joy wherever I can in life and do what makes me happy.
    I figure there will be mini goals wrapped inside those that I can work on (staying fit and all those types of things) so I can achieve the big ones!

  3. I always go crazy with goal setting, and will probably add most of your goals to my list as well! They all seem like great ideas, good luck!

  4. Love these goals - I need to lose 15kgs so am breaking it down into 5kgs blocks. Um wine club amazing, I want to join haha. Goodluck with all your goals.

  5. FYI, the bendon outlet by the airport sometimes has some alright looking bras in the bigger sizes for a decent price. I head out there every so often when I'm in need. Have not paid more than about $30 bucks for a bra in a long time.

    Plus, next time you go through Tirau, stop at the bendon outlet there. Was spoiled for choice! Stoked to get a couple of cute bras for only $20 each (and in the right size, which is next to impossible for me!)