Celebrate good times - come on!

It's been a busy time in the Scribbles/SB household - February through the beginning of March is traditionally (LOL I can say that now we've been together as long as we have) a hectic time for us as we have family birthdays, Valentine's Day, both our birthdays, our dating anniversary and my parents' wedding anniversary. This year also saw a hen night/bachelorette event, a wedding and an engagement party thrown in the mix, with both the wedding and the engagement party happening this past weekend!

I woke up Friday morning and was round to the parentals by 9 am to borrow Middle Sis' hot rollers. I got Mama Scribs to paint my nails to make the best use of the down time. It was off home to finish the transformation - make up and one of two dresses I bought with the bride the previous weekend. An hours drive to the venue, a beautiful wedding then off to SB's aunt to drop off our luggage - she kindly offered to put us up for the night. A cooling glass of juice then off to meet up with my family for dinner. Back to the hotel that a lot of the family stayed at for a celebratory glass of Baileys - something my family does in remembrance of my grandmother. Back to SB's aunt to crash on our floor bed.

We woke up on Saturday morning and put the room back to rights and had breakfast. I worked out on the exercycle (6 kms) and then got presentable for a post-wedding brunch. Had brunch/lunch. Washed all the dishes for said brunch - I never do dishes and this was a SERIOUS amount of dishes - think plates, cutlery and platters for 20 odd people. Drove an hour back home, stopping part way at the grocery store. Got home, sat down for half an hour, got up and cooked dinner. Ate dinner, glammed up and went out to engagement party. Stayed at engagement party til it ended, went out to a local bar for a couple of hours. Came home and lay in bed talking to SB... don't actually remember stopping talking but woke up late this morning!

This weekend has just been INSANE. You know what though? I loved it. We had the best time celebrating two couples' love for each other and touching base with family and friends. Do I feel like I could do with another day on my weekend? Sure! But I'll go to work tomorrow tired and content :D

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