Shot of coffee, vodka shots?

Just small shots of information for you today Scribblettes - much busier than I had expected this week! And may I just say - JUNE! How the heck did it get to June already? And it's already halfway through Term 2... (teachers always think in Terms)... we'll hear sleigh bells ringing before we know it!

  • I've been quite ill over the past week with what seems to be side-effects of the medication I'm on for my PCOS. I swapped over to the subsidised medication as a cost-saving measure and got migraines, vomiting and faint spells. Uncool. I have swapped back and have also been lucky to find a chemist close to work that is not charging the massive mark-up that some chemists have been charging.
  • I'm feeling a little bit of stasis at the moment on the wedding planning - we finally got the guest list nutted out (my goodness, that has to be the hardest part!) and we have appointments booked in to visit our preferred venues for engagement party and wedding reception... not much we can do until we book in those places (everything else sort of hinges around the dates we end up getting). I've been trying to do small things; today after school I went to see what the jewellers had in wedding bands that would work with my ring.
  • I do not understand why teenage boys punch each other all the time... testosterone probably. I also struggle with what to do when they fight in the class room. Most of my youngest students are bigger than me.
  • I am looking forward to cooking shepherd's pie for dinner tonight! Definitely a sign that winter is here.
  • I am frustrated that I have no internet at work - it means I have so much more to do when I am at home!
  • I am a budget queen at the moment (more on that next post!) - I thrifted a ring holder during my lunch break for $1.5o!
What's good with you all?

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  1. Hey - your wedding planning will take off in no time :)
    Set that date!!!
    I am excited to be a bridesmaid at the moment (for my own Maid of Honour) and I can't wait for her to try on some wedding dresses this weekend!

    What's good with me? My second trimester of pregnancy is treating me well and I feel more comfortable (won't last for long) so making the most of it :)
    I'm so excited and I love how closely the baby news has bonded the hubby and I.

    I just miss cocktails and ham sandwiches...