Holidays - for action or for rest?

As a teacher, I'm in a fairly unique situation, knowing that once every ten weeks, I get a two week break. The Rugby World Cup has warped the holiday situation this year, but that's another post entirely! While most people have a sarcastic reaction ("Lucky for some", etc), the reality is that teaching is all-consuming during the term time and for the last couple of days of my holidays I will be focusing a large amount of my time prepping for next term. Some teachers spread it out so that they do a little each day but the big, solid, knuckle down time is what works for me.

With two out of the fourteen days gone, that leaves me twelve to spare. End of term has usually been a crunch time for me so there is almost always household chores (or at the moment, wedding things to do) and that takes up a couple of days also, leaving me with around ten days left.

What has intrigued me this holidays is that I've barely had any time to just sit and vegetate. Part of it has come from the surplus of energy I've had, part of it has been from obligation (pet-sitting my parents animals has involved my input with them for at least three or so hours each day) but part of it is that I've just booked myself up with a lot of socialising and a lot of projects... all of which is a choice. Does it defeat the purpose of a holiday or is it an efficient use of time? I'm unsure.

I'm going to take tomorrow a bit more slowly - while today had me rushing round to accomplish a variety of different tasks, tomorrow is just baby-sitting briefly in the morning and then having a delightful lunch with Bronwen... and perhaps going for a wee stroll around the city before heading home. Oh, and trial a new recipe for dinner. And maybe do some vision planning... and label the envelopes if the return address labels arrive. CANNOT HELP MYSELF. There always seems to be cool fun stuff to do and such a limited amount of time to do it in. I think I am scaring myself because this feels like such a new place for me.

What are your thoughts, Scribblettes? Are you the sit back and veg type or the can't sit still type? Am I normal or completely batshit insane? Let me know in the comments while I tootle off and make SB a home-made batch of muesli bars :)


  1. Haha, I always think of myself as a lazy bum but then I realise what I try to pack into a day "off".
    Today I have given myself two cooking assignments: a batch of cupcakes, plus my first attempt at home made bread rolls. I also want to sort out all the piles of clean washing that are drowning me in my home study and then I want to somehow find inspiration to blog's crazy because I give myself all these imaginary deadlines!

  2. Homemade muesli bars?! You are TOO adorable!

    I completely identify with both. I *love* being go-go-go, but I always need some down-time (usually one day or at least half a day a week) where I do absolutely NOTHING!

  3. I'm one of those people that always has to do something as well. I do internet stuff while watching t.v, fold washing while waiting for something in the microwave etc it's nice to keep busy but at the same time it's nice to have a break and not do anything, when that's going to happen is another story!

  4. It was so lovely lunching with you!

    I seem to have different days when on holiday, some days I feel like I need to achieve things and others I will stay in my pjs and do bugger-all.
    They say a good mix is healthy ;) hehe