A weighty subject - the winds of change!

What a difference a year makes! We were up in the Bay of Islands for our summer vacation over the new year. I was sunburnt and I used that as an excuse for not feeling well but the reality was that my body (and this was nothing new to me) was just not coping with the strain of humidity and heat. Siestas or trips in the air-conditioned car were almost a necessity to get through the day. I didn't climb a hill at Cape Reinga because I thought it would be too hard and I was already loathing the walk back in the sun to our car. I look back now and I'm disappointed in myself that I had let things get to that point. In January of this year I had already lost five kilograms from my biggest size but I was still so limited, not only by by the weight but by my mind.

Now? Now I don't let much hold me back. I love going for a walk and am so glad to have a new buddy who can come for daytime walks with me. Even though I was completely inappropriately dressed, I walked 7 kms yesterday - because I wanted to. I'm not afraid to sweat and I certainly don't feel ill when I am hot. A further eleven kilos down,  I'm not yet at my goal but I feel healthy - it feels good. I'm looking forward to summer rather than loathing the heat and hope that, by kicking up the exercise over the next couple of months, I can enjoy the final months of 2012 Summer at a healthy, happy weight! Twenty-five kilos in a year and half - I can do it!

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  1. Yes, you can do it! It must be so motivating to see how far you've come already.