Where have you been?

Wow! I haven't made a post since the end of February and we are now in June. The truth is that I never meant to leave it so long but life really did smack me upside the head. I really underestimated how busy life would get with my new job and planning a wedding. It was so overwhelming and the day after the wedding I was so tired that I looked like I had a stroke!

In saying that, I did have the best time and I'm so glad that SB is finally my husband - even if he got the flu the week after our wedding :). And what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't give you a few sneak peeks of guest photos - we're still waiting on our pro pics and video to get back.

It sort of feels like the beginning of a new chapter in our lives and as such, I'll be phasing out Scribbles as my blogging vehicle over the next year and starting to blog at a currently secret location. Continue to follow me here for sporadic posts here and there and a big announcement when the new blog goes public!


  1. Woo!! Congratulations Mrs!! >_< *squee* I'm so stoked that I got to be there! It was a most magical day & everything was just perfect. Remembering back on it will always fill my heart with love & smiles. <3 xx

  2. Congrats!!! It was an absolutely beautiful wedding. Thank you for letting me be apart of it. Lots of love to you and the hubby xx

  3. Oh wow!!!!!! Your wedding looked beautiful! xx