About Me

I'm a 20-something kiwi girl with a big heart that sometimes explodes with feeling too much. The person who bares the brunt of most of these explosions is my darling Stunning Buns (or SB for short) and I love him for it!
I'm the quintessential bookworm, trying to squeeze an entire library into my small room. One of homeowner dreams is to have a library area of my home. I'm always the one to give a book as a gift!
I'm the hard outer shell with the incredibly gooey centre - tough as guts (what a disgusting expression) but I absolutely melt at romantic gestures, whether they are happening to me or I am hearing about them happening to others.
I'm a bit of a traditional girl, mixed up with some modern playgirl - I want to bake my gorgeous cake and eat it too! Family is everything to me... even though my sister and I don't get along so well, she knows I would take a bullet for her.
I love the weird, the slightly kooky, the fascinating... it is sometimes in these things that we see the greatest beauty.
I believe that the messes in my past have helped shape who I am today; I wouldn't change any of it even if I could. I believe in God because the world can't be this amazing just by accident. However this doesn't stop me bitching Him out on a beach at 2am in the morning because I've had too much to drink and life seems so unfair.
I'd rather care too much than care too little... you don't get the deep lows if you don't jump in with all your heart but you fail to experience the amazing highs as well! I'm a lover and a fighter, a whore and a madonna, the nerdy social butterfly... and I wonder why sometimes I feel so confused?

Ths blog is partially an exploration of who I am and what I want out of life - following me as I take a big bite out of everything that life has to offer. It also reflects the book lover within me. I'm open to new opportunities so if you think that there is something I can assist you with, don't hesitate to click on my "Contact Me" tab and let me know! Enjoy!

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