Hello Universe!

It's almost midnight and I've recently arrived home from work - to supplement my student loan "living costs" I also work as an evening receptionist at an arts centre. I had an interesting conversation with my mother... was saying that I was feeling stressed about money, especially with my upcoming holiday to Christchurch and she was telling me that it was a bit irrational. I made the decision to go to Christchurch on holiday before I even got this well-paying new job, I deserve to go on this holiday and I can afford it. Some of the larger "experiences" like the mini-break that we will be taking in Hamner Springs will probably have to be placed on the CC but I know that I'll be able to pay them off within the month. I got the flights extremely cheap and the rest of the accomodation will be free thanks to my darling cousin B. I still can't shake this nagging feeling though - I guess it's just because I've been focusing on paying down my debt for about a year now, and I'm just not used to spending ANY money on myself. As much as I want to be completely debt-free (apart from my student loans - I'm realistic here people), the fact that I am $2500 less in debt than when I started paying down my debt last year, and have continued to pay down that debt even after giving up my full-time job in February has to be celebrated, and I worry that if I didn't do something like take this holiday I would suffer from "debt repayment" burnout.

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