"It must have been love, but it's over now"

LOL can you tell I was a child of the eighties? No, nothing going on in the love life department (although I keep on thinking of my more recent exes more often recently - more on that later) but as much as I love my uni course, I can't help but be a little bit glad that I completed my last exam, as shocking as I still felt from my cold. Quarter of a way to my goal of being an English/Drama teacher - well provided that I actually passed. I felt like I was doing the exam drunk - by no means my best effort. I also got two assignments back today with A grades (one +, one -) so that's given me a bit of a shine.
The cold is slowly working its way out of my system - I do feel marginally better today than I have the previous two days. I did my final and I'm at work, so hopefully that isn't tempting fate and I can keep getting better. The weird thing is that the entire time I've been sick I've been thinking constantly about my two most recent exes, especially the one that broke my heart last year (awww). On the font of all knowledge "Oprah" the other day was a gynaecologist talking about how almost all illnesses are manifestations of pent-up emotions... it sort of led me to thinking that maybe this manifestation of illness and thought of Ex-S and Ex-N is not a coincidence; that it's the release of feelings that I've left bottled up inside, and as well as the antibiotics, the act of thought about these men that I've tried to lock inside a box has also lead me to become better... the thoughts haven't been "wanting to get back with them thoughts" more "bastard won't get out of my head" thoughts LOL.
Bit of a ramble I know and maybe I'm just being airy-fairy - blame the Coldrex!

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