Thursday's word of the day

Existing or being everywhere.
On my school visit today (part of my teaching application requirement), the students were like ubiquitous little ants.
It was a bit weird being back at my alma mater (does that count for high schools?) 5 and a half years on... things have definitely changed, security is far tighter for one (security guards and locked, monitored gates during the day!) and the kids seem to be a bit rougher than they used to. It's a school based in a largely low socio-economic area, and always has been, but some of the issues that kids have to face seem pretty extreme.
One thing I really struggled with was the kids calling me "Miss". "Are you our reliever, Miss?" "Do you want to teach ignorant little children like us, Miss? Why? Are you mental?" LOL the second one made me laugh - they wanted to know why I didn't want to have a job that made me lots of money... ahhhh how to explain to a fifteen year old about work life balance! I just went with "I decided that I'd rather do something that I love than something that will make a lot of money, and I like teaching ignorant little children"... it got a laugh. Thank you thank you I'll be here all week - Try the Veal! I'll get used to the "Miss" thing though - I just don't feel old enough to be a floating title, rather than my first name. G, my hosting teacher, said that she felt the same at 47, so it wasn't that odd.
Had the night off work tonight though... knew today would take a lot out of me when I woke up still crook this morning so my darling boss arranged cover. Will go to the doctors for the 2nd time tomorrow if I don't wake up perfect, may take another round of antibiotics to obliterate this bugger of a cold.

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