That sinking feeling...

So I'm at work with about half an hour left, and I have this horrid sinking feeling about the exam tomorrow. With being sick, I'm not entirely sure that I've studied enough - but by the same token, it doesn't appear to be an exam that you can study a lot for - from what we have been told, it's close analysis of one passage and then writing an essay length discourse on one of the provided topics. It's not as straight forward as my literature exams, and unfortunately it's my first one. My mind keeps arguing with itself whether I should stay up tonight and go over my notes... but with feeling a little bit "off" still, I'm leaning towards me being better served by having a large cup of chamomile tea and trying to get an early night. Ick, imagine if I failed (the exam is worth about 30% of total marks) - I think I still have the grades to pass overall, but oh the shame and the money of having to do it again! LOL here I go again counting my chickens before they've hatched. Time enough to panic after the exam :P Can you tell I haven't been at uni for a couple of years, totally out of practice with the whole finals stress?

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