Thursday's Word of the Day (on a Friday!)

extremely poor; destitute; indigent.
Use it in a sentence - Before I got this new job that gives me the spare time to catch up on blogging, I was penurious. It can also mean miserly, but I was never that (part of of the reason I was extremely poor).
Not a good start to the word of the week :D I love learning new words, especially ones that seem to roll over your tongue. I wish I had a good excuse for why I didn't blog, but the reality is that after working a ten hour shift at work yesterday (the day before a final, no less), all my brain was good for was watching the premier of army wives. LOVED it - can finally understand why its been getting such rave reviews in the states. It really bites that usually I won't be home early enough to watch 0n a regular basis. I've been thinking about adding a DVD recorder - should be cheaper than MySky by a long shot. Will do a little more investigation before adding it to the list though. Speaking of which, I'm going to add a list of major purchases I'm thinking about making to my blog - I think it will keep me more focused.
Ahhh... two more hours to go, an appointment with the nutritionist at the gym and then sweet sweet home to veg out on the couch and watch trashy TV like ANTM and Project Runway. Feel like I deserve to not have to use my brain for a while :D My next exam isn't until Wednesday and I've already studied for it so I can relax... if anything I need to tighten up on how often I get to the gym.
Oooh and I got a letter in the post yesterday saying I will get a tax refund of about $200 - will go in the reserves for Christchurch and then towards major purchases if it isn't used on great experiences. Yay me!

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