I feel special!

Today I got my very first blog comment! Big shout out to Katie @ Tres Lola xx - I've just been looking through your site and I love it! Thanks to the power of positive thought, antibiotics and about 12 hours of solid sleep, I'm feeling much better today... still barking like a dog but feeling remamrkable clarity of mind (just as well, I have a writing assignment that I must do before 2 tomorrow). In the spirit of the winter colds which all of us southern hemispherites are prone to this year, here is my list of:

Great things about Feeling Not So Great
  • You are allowed to stay in your trackpants or pjs all day and there's no one around to care
  • Not having hour-long train journeys to get into the university plus your lecturers are understanding about getting all the necessary materials to you electronically
  • Everyone thinks you are such a trooper on the days you actually manage to drag yourself to work.
  • My freudian slippers - I wish I had the confidence to wear these out in public, but at least when I am sick I can indulge my inner geek
  • Time to do all those personal maintenance tasks (nails, hair mask, etc) that you just run out of time to do otherwise.
  • Lemon Tea... mmm-mmm
  • Likewise, Berocca and Vitamin C tablets - delicious
  • Make-up Free Days - nothing like letting your skin have a breather
  • Having great excuses not to go out in the storms that New Zealand is currently having
I'm sure there are plenty of others... if you can think of any more, let me know!

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